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Here we are offering a very early pair of vintage basketball knee pads. They are very primitive in design, just a pad of compressed felt covered with canvas. All of the straps are intact, including the often missing or removed, center strap. This is possibly the earliest pair of antique basketball pads that we have handled and they remain in exceptional EX-MT condition. A great opportunity to add a rare vintage basketball item to your collection. Collecting the various styles of leather basketballs with rawhide laces is very popular among vintage basketball and vintage sports collectors alike. The light brown leather contrasts nicely with the bold markings and with the natural rawhide laces.

Vintage and Antique Baskets

There was a time when name brands were the exception rather than the rule. For centuries, commercial products were put up in generic containers. Rather than products being marketed in individual packages, it was more economical to sell goods in bulk and let merchants parcel them out. In a period when dry goods were sold in barrels and boxes, demijohns and carboys were the generic bulk containers for items which could not be transported or preserved in wood.

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Should you have any questions regarding any item, please feel free to call: An example of how to create an area displaying a Creel, Net and Mount combination. Click image to see an enlarged photo. Items not for sale, display only. With more than different creels photographed, this book provides a comprehensive look at all the major categories of creel as well as some very rare, one of a kind creels that are tucked away in private collections.

The authors have also provided pertient information about the history and the makers of most of the creels. There is still much to learn about the subject and “The Art of the Creel” is as good place to start for anyone interested in fishing creels. Scarce vintage fishing creel that was produced exclusively for the famous Sporting Goods Company in Vermont “Orvis”.

This whole wicker, center hole creel was in their ‘s catalog. It retains all its original wicker construction, lid hinges and front leather closing strap.

How to Identify Antique Baskets

Main street of Round Rock, Texas in the early ‘s. The Christmas Shop and More at the Fort – This giftshop, based in the historic Round Rock, Bank Building, is currently being stocked in Christmas collectibles,glassware, and old west saddles. The shop is open most weekends from The building is a classic example of an ‘s commercial building oversize doorways and windows, high ceilings, and square nail construction nice contrast to mall shopping.

And we deal on prices and like the other shops at the site, we buy, sell and trade.

Stylish patio furniture allows you to enjoy your hard work in the garden at the end of the day. Olde Good Things holds stock of vintage and antique patio furniture in a variety of styles and materials.

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Baskets These Woven Wonders Are The World’s Oldest Multipurpose Utensils

Baskets are among the most popular art items as they are small, beautiful and useful. Though these pieces are beautiful, as well, they are undesirable for collectors of authentic Native art. There are several things that may help a collector tell a Native American piece from Native American inspired art.

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Basketry, art and craft of making interwoven objects, usually containers, from flexible vegetable fibres, such as twigs, grasses, osiers, bamboo, and rushes, or from plastic or other synthetic materials. The containers made by this method are called baskets. He created dust and spread it on the hurdle. Many other creation myths place basketry among the first of the arts given to humans. The Dogon of West Africa tell how their first ancestor received a square-bottomed basket with a round mouth like those still used there in the 20th century.

This basket, upended, served him as a model on which to erect a world system with a circular base representing the sun and a square terrace representing the sky. Like the decorative motifs of any other art form, the geometric, stylized shapes may represent natural or supernatural objects, such as the snakes and pigeon eyes of Borneo, and the kachina deified ancestral spirit , clouds, and rainbows of the Hopi Indians of Arizona.

Antique wood skis

A blacksmith made the butterfly hinges for us. Soapstone countertops and sink. My homemade mint olive oil in an old Jamestown pitcher.

Basketry, art and craft of making interwoven objects, usually containers, from flexible vegetable fibres, such as twigs, grasses, osiers, bamboo, and rushes, or from plastic or other synthetic materials. The containers made by this method are called baskets.

Lovely — I appreciate the detail! I do too, and there are all one of a kind artworks! August 2, at 4: I would love to use them for their intended purpose but am pretty certain they would have been made with lead based paint. August 2, at I think you are right not to want to put food directly on the trays. Is there perhaps a way to have a small piece of glass cut for each tray that you could glue or affix on there so the food would only touch the glass? What type of paint would be used to touch this up?

I am so sorry…. Most tole trays were painted with oil paint, if you want to touch it up, I would suggest that. January 25, at 9: I have great memories of the artists, especially Mike, whose name was Michael Angelo, giving me art lessons at the rotating round tables. They would usually have 2 colors, for example, green and white on the brush at one time and it was all about blending the colors.

Panier a Champignons

I SO wish you could all feel this velvet!!! It feels more like Chinchilla than velvet! I would probably wear with a rhinestone buckle belt Very good condition, but not perfect. You will need just a bit of sewing under the Chantilly lace see photos The exterior 2 layers of Chantilly Lace is in great condition!!

Our vintage Thun Czechoslovakia 17 piece porcelain tea set was produced in the Tradition pattern, which boasts a wide, delicate basket weave band, vividly colored floral bouquets and gilded rims, handles and spouts set against snow white porcelain.

Chinese Export Lacquer This period is often referred to as the Regency period. George the fourth came of age in became Regent in , King in and died in The whole of the early nineteenth century period has a distinctive stylistic flavour often indulged in, encouraged and promoted by the prince later to become the king. By the last decades of the 18th century the philosophical, stylistic and financial certainties of the mid eighteenth century were already undermined by exposure to different cultures.

Improved transport and trade changed both cultural perceptions and social structures. The neo classical designs of the last two decades of the century were only the beginning of a natural progression to even stronger departures from the old English forms. The neo classical influence of the 18th century, which in the case of tea caddies translated itself in straight shapes and stylised ornaments, developed in the early 19th century to the adaptation of classical architectural forms and shapes in the construction of boxes.

An exceptional Brazilian Rosewood three compartment Tea Caddy finely inlaid with brass with Irish features. Parallel to this the Chinese influence was also felt, as was the inspiration derived from the heavier Egyptian classicism. Tentatively at first tea caddy makers began to experiment with these new shapes.

African Baskets

As Berge noted in referring to bottles, the ” This bottle dating “key” is a relatively simple “first cut” on the dating of a bottle. Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle e.

Antique French farm tables and vintage farm tables are always sought to find the best antique table finds. Read More Read Less Antique tables like farm tables, drop leaf tables, library tables, oak tables, and round tables, are available today at Antiques on Old Plank Road.

Try searching out brightly-colored lucite purses from the late ’50s the next time you’re out shopping. Getty 5 Of 10 Kutani Chinaware “You’ve got be careful with ceramics because the markets do change a lot,” Verderame warns. Getty 6 Of 10 Meissen Porcelain Another valuable type of ceramic? Meissen porcelain , from the German town of the same name. Don’t pay big bucks just because it’s authentic though. Getty 7 Of 10 Tin Toys For the young at heart, vintage toys are the way to go.

The lithographed tin variety are especially covetable. The souvenirs can include everything from snow globes to pocket watches. Getty 9 Of 10 Duncan Phyfe Furniture In case you’ve missed it, mid-century furniture is having a moment, but traditionalists don’t have to give up on collecting classics. Verderame recommends looking for pieces done in the style of 19th-century furniture maker Duncan Phyfe since they goes for reasonable prices while still maintaining value.

Getty 10 Of 10 Maria Martinez Pottery The famous Pueblo artist produced so much of her iconic blackware , you can now find it all over the country, Verderame says.

Antique Thimbles, American style

Archaeologists have found evidence of Native American versions dating to B. It is generally believed that early French settlers in the New World designed the packbasket as we recognize it today. Trappers found it particularly useful for carrying their heavy, bulky traps, tools, axes and other equipment.

of results for “Chinese Wedding Baskets” Traditional Chinese Antique Bamboo Octagon Flower Painting Wedding Basket avs by Golden Lotus. $ (1 used offer) Golden Lotus Vintage Chinese Rectangular Fish and Longevity Peach Painting Food Bucket, Wedding Basket an

Alaska Native art , Coast Salish art , Kwakwaka’wakw art , and Haida argillite carvings The art of the Haida , Tlingit , Heiltsuk , Tsimshian and other smaller tribes living in the coastal areas of Washington State , Oregon , and British Columbia , is characterized by an extremely complex stylistic vocabulary expressed mainly in the medium of woodcarving. Famous examples include totem poles , transformation masks , and canoes. In addition to woodwork, two dimensional painting and silver, gold and copper engraved jewelry became important after contact with Europeans.

A totem pole in Ketchikan , Alaska, in the Tlingit style. Haida argillite carving, Haida Gwaii, c. While there were many regionally distinct cultures, trade between them was common and they shared the practice of burying their dead in earthen mounds, which has preserved a large amount of their art. Because of this trait the cultures are collectively known as the Mound builders. The Woodland period BCE— CE is divided into early, middle, and late periods, and consisted of cultures that relied mostly on hunting and gathering for their subsistence.

Ceramics made by the Deptford culture BCE— CE are the earliest evidence of an artistic tradition in this region. The Adena culture are another well-known example of an early Woodland culture. They carved stone tablets with zoomorphic designs, created pottery , and fashioned costumes from animal hides and antlers for ceremonial rituals. Shellfish was a mainstay of their diet, and engraved shells have been found in their burial mounds. The Middle Woodland period was dominated by cultures of the Hopewell tradition — Their artwork encompassed a wide variety of jewelry and sculpture in stone, wood, and even human bone.

Ancient East: Fine Art & Antiques of Asia

A high-backed settle — sometimes with storage space beneath the seat or a cupboard in the back — was a familiar sight on either side of the hearth in farmhouse kitchens and inns from the 16th to 19th centuries. A settle table is a wooden settle with a hinged back that folds over to rest on the arms and form a table. Soft-paste porcelain was manufactured exclusively from c until the discovery of local china clay deposits enabled true porcelain to be produced from

Shaker Type Pail, Original Surface History, “V” Shape Tongue/Grove Joinery, Diamond Shaped Bail Plates Likely New Hampshire, 19th Century Early working-period salmon paint over blue – SOLD (The is a 1 by 1 7/8 pie-shape loss of surface wood at the top of a single stave, else fine; 11 by 13”).

How to Identify Antique Baskets By Linda Stamberger ; Updated April 12, Antique baskets are collected for investment purpose, and for their beauty and functionality. The resale value remains steady for distinct antique baskets; most notably Native American baskets. Many different types of antique baskets were made from all over the world as well. There is quite the variety to be found for a broad range of collectors.

Antique baskets are available in many different shapes and sizes. Look over your basket to see if you have a highly collectible Native American antique basket. The weave is the defining factor. Baskets were often woven in an “over and under” style. Designs and patterns on the exterior of the basket can identify the distinct Native American tribe. Antique Native American baskets can be quite valuable and are highly desirable among collectors. See if your basket is made from wood. It may be Chinese.

Antique Chinese baskets were made for storage and often intricately compartmentalized, which was essential in the cramped dwellings that the Chinese lived in.


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