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Using a precision scale to fit balance screws to a balance. The Adams and Perry Watch Company was built right beside the turnpike. Its founders possessed a good combination of skills: Perry was a watch designer, and Mr. Adams was an organizer and promoter. They brought skilled watchmakers to Lancaster and began production in Like so many infant industries, Adams and Perry did not have enough capital to market their product.


She was born enslaved, liberated herself, and returned to the area of her birth many times to lead family, friends, and other enslaved African Americans north to freedom. Harriet Tubman fought tirelessly for the Union cause, for the rights of enslaved people, for the rights of women, and for the rights of all. She was a leader in the struggle for civil rights who was forever motivated by her love of family and community and by her deep and abiding faith.

Born Araminta Ross in in Dorchester County, Maryland, on the plantation where her parents were enslaved, she took the name “Harriet” at the time she married John Tubman, a free black man, around Harriet Tubman lived and worked enslaved in this area from her childhood until she escaped to freedom at age 27 in

A secret network for moving and housing fugitives, as in There’s definitely an underground railroad helping women escape abusive husbands. This term, dating from the first half of the s, alludes to the network that secretly transported runaway slaves through the northern states to Canada. It was revived more than a century later for similar.

While dismissed, he worked at the Union head quarters, and he is currently a longtime union delegate representing his department. On January 5th, a South Korean district court decided to detain Brother Lee Jin-young, who coordinates Labor Books, a book-sharing web site, in violation of the notoriously draconian National Security Law. This abrupt decision is extremely shocking, considering the historic candlelight protests against the political scandal of the Park Geynhye government and the subsequent crisis together with her impeachment.

It is a place for railroaders except management to connect and share information. We realize any internet “forum” available for discussions can sometimes get antagonistic, but we require all to remain respectful and tolerant. Please give us your union or railroad affiliation when you request access to the Page. You can view and make copies of the Current Issue of The Highball.

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Railways reappeared again only in the 14th century. The line originally used wooden rails and a hemp haulage rope and was operated by human or animal power, through a treadwheel. The guide pin fits in a groove between two wooden planks.

The following is a list of many of the major accidents of the Central Vermont Railroad. In order to date an historic image that contains a train accident, it may be necessary to know the location of the image.

It drives the New York regional economy by opening up countless job opportunities for millions — jobs that are miles from home are easy to get to with our subways, buses, and commuter trains. And after work, the network enables them to get to leisure activities: MTA subways, buses, and railroads provide 2. MTA bridges and tunnels carry more than million vehicles a year — more than any bridge and tunnel authority in the nation. While nearly 85 percent of the nation’s workers need automobiles to get to their jobs, four of every five rush-hour commuters to New York City’s central business districts avoid traffic congestion by taking transit service — most of it operated by the MTA.

MTA customers travel on America’s largest bus fleet and on more subway and rail cars than all the rest of the country’s subways and commuter railroads combined. This mobility helps ensure New York’s place as a world center of finance, commerce, culture, and entertainment, and New York ranks near the top among the nation’s best cities for business, Fortune magazine has written, because it has “what every city desires.

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The US standard railroad gauge width between the two rails is 4 feet, 8. Why was that gauge used? Why did the English build them like that?

NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD IN BRAINERD. Dedication. This page is dedicated to the workers and families of the Northern Pacific Railroad who struggled, lived and died in order to build the railroad and the city of Brainerd, in particular, to my grandfather, Martin Henry Nelson (), who worked for the Northern Pacific for nearly fifty-five years, retiring in as the Superintendent of.

These times were politically turbulent and impossible to summarize in a few brief paragraphs. This article should be considered an overview only. The issue of slavery was a thorny one for the new government. Southern slaves were vitally important to the economy of the southern states, which depended on the production of labor-intensive crops such as sugar, coffee, cacao, tobacco and rice. Southern states agreed to join the United States of America only on the provision that they were allowed to keep their slaves.

Congress was well aware of the both the importance of southern crops to the economy of the United States and the importance of slave labor to the production of these crops. As the country expanded westward, provisions were made for slavery to continue. Yet as each new area was opened to slavery, the voices of abolitionists anti-slavery proponents got louder. At that time there were approximately 1.

Anti-slavery sentiment in the North continued to grow in the early ‘s. The Missouri Compromise established a boundary between the slave states of the south and the free states of the north at the state line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, the Mason-Dixon line. Included in this compromise was a prohibition of slavery north of this line. At the same time, abolitionists were having an effect in the northern states. By , the northern slave population in the North had dwindled to roughly 27,

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This is a virtual museum in cyberspace. Many are too delicate to handle. The restored and enlarged digital images presented here are often much easier to see than the original! Due to the ravages of age and technical factors, each image has typically required extensive restoration and modification using digital tools to eliminate defects and achieve what we believe is the most esthetic and historically accurate rendition of each picture.

Oct 10,  · Railroad Ties Page 1 of 1: My house is on a hill and the front yard, tiny as it is, is an absolute horrow to mow. So. I need to make me a sidewalk that kinda steps down the incline plus tier the road side part because the incline is almost impossible to mow.

For a date night that goes well beyond the same old dinner and a movie, check out the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. Enjoy the glamorous feel of yesteryear in Utica Central Station as you board one of the many trains headed to picturesque destinations. And, if you find yourself searching for something new, a date night — or day — on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad will pique your romantic interest with its excitement and beauty.

The Adirondack Scenic Railroad has been around since , with restorations starting in The Adirondack Scenic Railroad is a nonprofit organization focused on the preservation and restoration of rail service between the High Peaks region, Central New York, and beyond through railroad connections in Utica. The organization partners with local businesses and communities along the rail line to give visitors a one-of-a-kind experience while driving economic development in the area.

Tours also teach about the rich history of the regions. The excursions allow the organization to showcase the region and build appreciation for the work it does. The train trips are so popular that they often sell out. The popular Beer and Wine Train offers that experience with a train ride, food and drinks, romantic scenery, and even an open-air car with entertainment. Mark highly recommends this excursion for couples.

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Louis Mercantile Library, one of America’s great historical research libraries. Louis and the nation since , the Mercantile Library was founded by a group of businessmen which included many with a deep interest in and close relationship to the developing railroads of the nation, and especially the trans-Mississippi West. Throughout its history, individuals active in railroad promotion and operation have been associated with the Library.

In , the Mercantile Library built upon this heritage by greatly expanding its railroad-related holdings, and establishing the Barriger Railroad Library as a special collection. The legacy of John W.

Each year, thousands of people make us a part of their family fun. Whether it’s a holiday celebration, a romantic dinner for two, or a Sunday afternoon picnic, the Wilmington & Western provides a variety of year-round events for you and your family to enjoy.

Anyone who watches freight trains is familiar with these and other names blazoned across the sides of freight cars. But that’s just advertising, which some companies omit for economy’s sake. And if a car changes hands, its new owner may not even bother to paint out the old one’s name. To find out whose car you are looking at – and a wealth of other vital information – you have to read the fine print. The Association of American Railroads sets standards for the uniform marking of freight cars with regard to car ownership, weight, load capacity, dimensions, and maintenance.

In addition, car owners choose to display data relating to various devices and equipment so the cars may be properly used and repaired. Reporting marks Freight cars are identified by reporting marks of two to four letters and a number of up to six digits. The AAR assigns a unique combination of letters to each car owner, usually based on the company’s initials.

An owner may have more than one set of reporting marks to distinguish different car types in its fleet. Reporting marks ending in X belong to private car owners, as opposed to common carriers. Loading and weight dimensions Data displayed near the reporting marks refers to the weight of a freight car and its contents. CAPY nominal capacity is the intended load-carrying capacity of the car, to the nearest pounds. This is determined by the structural strength of the car’s underframe and the size of the journal bearings of the car’s trucks.

LD LMT load limit is the maximum weight of lading that can be carried by the car, to the nearest pounds.

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