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Information contained above this line was not contributed by the owner of this site PAGE 4: On my list of things I needed welded: I spent the time cutting the pipe legs to length, marking the vacuum nipple and BOV flange locations, and mocking up the intake pipes. The IC pipe was made from a single 90deg 2. As they always say measure twice cut once because I needed every inch of that raw 2. Mockup of three pipe legs for IC pipe. Markings for BOV flange location. Now particular attention must be paid to the clearance between the compressor outlet elbow and the strut tower bar.

Boost control

Unfortunately, at the end of the last run, we noticed the idle had gone haywire. It stumbled right after start-up, and then revved and died repeatedly, until it finally settled in at around rpm. We pointed this out to the tuner, and — for whatever reason, maybe it was closing time and he wanted to go home — he claimed he hadn’t done anything to cause the change.

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If you’re in California, stick with the KA. SR, you really shouldnt have posted that. That says alot, it was made for turboes can hold up to psi while the ka’s internals were not designed for turboes. It can make em, not sustain em. The current is corrected hp. And that is with different components from differenct SRs. Nissan knows how to build turboed engines and is famous for its parts sharing amont cars.

Questions on External Waste Gate

Chapter 30 – Flight Testing – part Deux Introduction When the 40 hours was done I decided that my Cozy project was essentially complete and the need for a daily log of events was at an end. This web site had been created to relate my experiences during construction for the benefit of other builders, not document my entire life. When I posted the “final” chapter I received quite a few emails and phone calls from people who were suffering withdrawal symptoms.

My response was to apologized for the trauma and encouraged these people to get on with their own dreams. Still the complaints kept coming.

Sep 05,  · For the Tial Wastegate, hook up the bottom port to a boost controller (leave the top port open). On the other end of the boost controller connect it to a boost source (either a nipple on the turbo’s compressor and a nipple on the J-pipe).

I’m using a set of circuit sport lines, but after having to modify these, I really just should have gone custom. Unfortunately I don’t have a good picture of how they’re routed. The pulley for the alternator wouldn’t sit lower enough because of this raised lip, they said their should’ve been a spacer with the kit but then it would’ve moved the pulley out, so off with the lip.

The circuit sports one wasn’t so I used the stock pulley, those guys are jokes. Went with all ACT, the 11 lb flywheel and a heavy duty full face disc. I will make a note here about my messup with the flywheel bolts. I used too much loctite on one of my OEM replacement bolts which messed up the torque reading on the 6th bolt, by then the others had been torqued the loctite pooled between the flywheel and the crank surface, I think that’s what botched the torque readings.

I decided to use the Musting bolts, but wasn’t comfortable with the extra length and depth of the threads into the crank. I made a thread about it and ya, after tons of good advice I just barely chamfered the ends of the bolts to go into the crank more. It is the threads in the crank that stop short, not the hole. Anyone in their right mind would just use them, I am just super cautious. Oh well, 3k miles on the build so far and I still haven’t lost my legs from a flying flywheel.

That’s my rebuild for the most part. Here’s the engine about to drop into the bay.

Tial Wastegate 38mm hookup, FPR Hook UP

Here are some other pics I took upon getting the car back. Will have some more updates tomorrow! I am so pumped to get the Evo back on the road again. It has been almost a year now since the stock block chucked a rod.

Aug 22,  · Hey guys i wos wondering what the hookup would be for this tial style waste gate, the vacume lines that is one vacume fitting on the top of the wastegate and one on the botom half of the aluminum dome.

And anywheres you see white over spray that has all been cleaned up SgtBozz , K20 EM2 , There is a salvage yard about 45 mins away from my house that had one for sale, a manual one but he wasnt sure the kms on it I live in Canada so EL’s are quite common here, he also has a full set of el leather seats too id really like but i have another big update coming monday: Here is a picture of the one i picked up http: SgtBozz Can rsx type s cluster fit in a em2 and is it plug and play preston , SgtBozz sorry, it was I dont even know what color mine is yet: Anytime man, I dont mind helping out at all I want to spoil the news i have but i must wait untill monday..

The suspense is killing me: We also have all the snow up here: My car is currently snow covered in the driveway: But yes it is big and important, and i have 0 patience! I saw some newer clusters blue and red on ebay?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks M3TurboCa , I guess when he reads this he will chime in or send him a message. The unti is supposed to be good is the vacuum lines wired up properly? If you turn the Profec off, what kind of boost do you see? Is it a stable

Oct 04,  · How to setup a Tial MV-R Wastegate with spring colors and how to. Sorry for quality orientation. Shot on my phone. here is the spring guide from Tial. http:/.

I’ve got a Tial 38mm wastegate on my setup. I have noticed that when I am boosting I get somewhat “spikey” boost, it never really stays consistent. I believe it’s due to the previous owner hooking up the wastegate incorrectly. Currently the side port is hooked to a vacuum line going to the IM, with a manual boost controller on that same line. As per the Tial installation instructions the side port should be attached to the charge pipe in front of the throttle body.

What’s the reason for this, and is it something that MUST be done for correct operation. Can it be run attached to the manifold as it is now?


Has anyone ever seen anything like this before with boost spiking? Below is 4 small traces from 4 pulls. Run 1 was done with a vacuum line running from the compressor housing to the wastegate. I can only surmise that the boost solenoid itself acts as a restriction. In run 4 I stayed on the gas longer and you can see it does drop to wastegate pressure.

I’ve had issues similar to this with:

TiAL® Sport Inc. USA takes pride in establishing its company reputation by designing the highest quality engineered products for today’s performance turbo charging systems market.

When boost exceeds the preset target, the wastegate will bleed off any additional boost. A malfunctioning or improperly assembled wastegate can cause a variety of boost issues. Wastegate Design Two types of wastegates exist as of Built onto the turbocharger housing and typically found in smaller turbochargers, internal wastegates use a diaphragm that responds to boost pressure provided by a boost line. External wastegates are much larger units designed to withstand high boost levels by using a valve instead of a diaphragm design.

Wastegate Function While the specific design varies, the purpose of either an external or internal wastegate is twofold: Symptoms of a Failing Wastegate Stress caused by an aging turbocharger or by a motorist increasing boost pressure from the turbocharger can overwhelm the spring that opens the wastegate at a specified pressure.

In these case, the wastegate will flutter because the spring cannot keep the gate fully shut. The boost will oscillate and the engine will stumble and surge as the boost varies rapidly any given throttle input should create steady boost levels. The engine may also respond sluggishly to throttle input since the wastegate is likely bleeding air. Protecting the Engine If you believe your wastegate is failing, take care not to generate high levels of boost until you can replace the wastegate or have the turbocharger examined by a professional.

Since some of the turbocharger’s output is bleeding out through the fluttering wastegate, the turbocharger will have to work harder to maintain target boost, which will generate heat, increase air intake temperatures and, as a result, harm the engine.

CLS stereo questions

And to that end, Toyota’s luxury division is coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show this year with the concept crossover you see here. Previewed a couple of weeks ago with an enigmatic teaser, the LF-NX concept, in the company’s own words, “explores the potential for a compact crossover within the Lexus model range. Lexus only released one shot of the cabin, but it looks as sharp as the exterior and, while clearly stylized, looks essentially more production-ready than most show cars.

It has a unique 4 bolt design that is backwards compatible with the old TiAL F40 wastegate. This is the perfect wastegate for those that need a bit better diaphragm to valve ratio over the 44mm. The F41 is no longer in production, after the current stock is depleted no more will be made.

Knows Some Stuff About ‘s! Sat Jan 27, Watch it with the 12psi on a T They become heat factories quite easily, and eventually do more harm then good. True, ill turn it up to 12psi only if really needed and not for more than 5min. Yeah, you’re not unserstanding. The thing will heat the air. Not after 5 minutes, but right away. It will go out of its efficiency range, meaning that more energy will be converted to heat. You can’t say ‘i’ll only do it for 5 minutes’.

Ok, i didnt know that. I always thought it took a short while to build up the extra heat that makes it inefficient.


Fri Nov 28, Thu Jun 14, Im looking to give my a lil more kick and pull before putting bigger money in it. It was running a little rough when I got it, stalling, stumbling and cutting out.

Im trying to bring down your engine, if the boost. Boost pressure drive pressure source, 7: 50 pm. When i have this not make the boost. Iii and blow up and blow off valve hookup – tial wastegate pressure lines to hook up your tune up e.

Whether you have a small or large budget, you can go fast. Every driver wants a lot of power with minimal turbo lag. With turbocharged cars, it is a give and take situation. Some turbo’s work better for road racing, some for daily driving, and some turbo’s are great for drag racing. Ultimately you want to find the best combination for your driving habits and conditions.

At Vivid Racing, we encounter several types of customers who each want the ultimate performing car. When it comes time for a complete vehicle build or turbo kit upgrades, knowing the customers needs and future goals helps in planning the right path to power.

GReddy BOV & TiAL Wastegate Install – DC2 Integra

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