Te Haahi Ratana: History

Organic goat milk and cheese. A reader alerts us: Marie Tack in Belgium sells donkey milk that meets European bacteriological standards. I visited two farms in France and drank milk directly from many burros delicious! I will go to Belgium next year to visit Marie myself who milks 50 head of mammoth jennets each day. Donkey milk is the closest milk to human breast milk and is ideal for feeding infants. It is in a state of rediscovery in France and Belgium and will be available here in the future. Herd of donkeys, donkeys are grazing year round on grass, red and white clover, fresh hay and mix of corn, oat and barley. They practice rotational grazing with break fencing winter hay. Tours are available on weekend from spring to autumn small ZOO.

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Maui was a demi-god, who lived in Hawaiiki. He possessed magic powers that not all of his family knew about. One day when he was very young, he hid in the bottom of his brothers’ boat in order to go out fishing with them. Once out at sea, Maui was discovered by his brothers, but they were not able to take him back to shore as Maui made use of his magic powers, making the shoreline seem much further away than it was in reality. So the brothers continued rowing, and once they were far out into the ocean Maui dropped his magic fishhook over the side of the waka.

After a while he felt a strong tug on the line. This seemed to be too strong a tug to be any ordinary fish, so Maui called to his brothers for assistance.

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While in the area around Lake Mahinapua check out the Tree Top Cafe and then experience how the native birds see the forest 20 meters above the forest floor in amongst the Rimu trees on the Tree Top Walkway , even take a push chair if you have young kids to experience the meter long walkway, see the lake from above and the Southern Alps through the trees from the 40 meter high tower. Later do a scenic drive through farm lands to the Hokitika Gorge, or through native bush to Lake Kaniere and enjoy the scenic tranquil beauty of the lake, then drive the lakeside gravel road to Dorothy Falls.

Hire a bicycle and ride to Lake Mahinapua or Lake Kaniere, or ride some of the popular mountain bike tracks. Get your eye in and have a go at sporting clay bird shooting or head to Cowboy Paradise and step back in time in a old style range town and shoot the guns of the wild west. Get a group together and go paintballing in the bush at Mehrt’s Place.

Industry leader ANZCO Foods procures the best NZ beef and lamb grown all year round in New Zealand’s lush, green, temperate climate; processes prime New Zealand product in local, state-of-the-art, accredited facilities and marketing and guaranteeing year-round delivery of our premium beef and lamb products to over 80 countries.

You head towards the office kitchen to grab a glass of water where you encounter a box of treats that seems to be calling your name. As a smart, ambitious person, you know bad habits keep you from reaching your goals. The Psychology of Bad Habits You can spend hours researching life hacks. When you break it down, habits are comprised of three distinct stages: Reward In the mid-day munchies example, the cue is fatigue.

This triggers a routine: Yummy goodness that gives you a temporary energy boost. It turns out that the habit loop is incredibly powerful and is something that has been hardwired into our psyches. It also helps explains exactly why habits are so hard to shake. Identify the Stages First identify the cue, routine, and reward that lead to your habit.

For example, recognize how after a tough day at work cue , you come home and plop down on the couch routine. What alternative behaviors might provide comparable reward to the one you are trying to eliminate? Create a list of options. Could you swap out your open-ended Netflix binge for brief meditation or a walk with your partner?

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Rotorua Museum arts and culture director Stewart Brown also wanted to reassure a number of councillors that the bill for the mud move wasn’t being footed by Rotorua ratepayers, but rather taxpayers. There is no funding from ratepayers,” he said. However, Tiriana clarified in the wake of the meeting that Brown’s about no ratepayer funding wasn’t quite correct. Ad Feedback Tiriana also said council staff were in talks with Ministry of Primary Industries staff “to treat it [the Korean mud] to make sure it’s safe”.

The mud agreement was reached between Rotorua Lakes Council and the mayor of Boryeong in South Korea, home of Korea’s mud festival and the template for the Rotorua version.

AMERICA. This page was originally in the funny section. But the more I added to it, the less funny it looked, and the more like a train wreck. Sadly, like the Roman empire, America.

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Auckland Christchurch New generation ScareCrow 4 automatic water sprinkler keeps animals away from your pond or garden with a harmless blast of water. Protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water features from hungry or destructive animal intruders. The sudden noise, movement and spray scares animals away, teaching them to avoid the area in future.

Scare Crow 4 works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers can be linked to other ScareCrows to form an effective water barrier conserves water – uses just 2 to 3 cups per deterrence operates for up to six months on 4x AA batteries one scarecrow covers approximately sq. Simply attach a standard garden hose to its base, set the ScareCrow in the ground in the area you want to protect, and then turn on the water.

Once you switch the unit on, it is ready to go.

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The Visitation 8th November On the morning of the 8th day of November , three days before the end of the First World War, Wiremu Ratana felt as if he were on fire he had become agitated and restless. Wiremu went out on to the verandah, facing the railway station; he began to pray for his son Omeka, who was still seriously ill. He told his wife, that the spiritual doctors would be here to heal their son. Wiremu began to drift into a deep meditative state of thought as he leaned on the verandah post looking out towards the sea.

This phenomena would ripple throughout Maoridom and eventually the world. Wiremu noticed a cloud formation hovering and moving above the sea heading in his direction.

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Federal Government and installation of a plutocratic oligarchy overseen by the Black Nobility. Intelligence Community especially the C. To apprehend the sheer enormity and profundity of this fundamentally global Khazarian conspiracy see:

Whale-phisher – persues CEO’s and other wealthy individuals via their social media profiles.. A whale is a big catch for the cyber criminal phishing for important information and celebrities and high-ranking government officials have been targeted in recent years.

Marlene began the business One Cast Fly fishing Adventures with passion, a stance to remain connected to her indigenous river heritage. We are extremely grateful to you and Craig for all the guidance and direction you set us at the beginning of our New Zealand fly fishing adventure which culminated in the success we had in the Commonwealth Championships. Your expert advice and tuition undoubtedly contributed to our success as we all used what we had learnt from you in our approach and understanding of catching the trout of the Tuki Tuki..

Through out the preproduction we found her to be very professional and always to give sound and solid advice. One of our stars was an accomplished fly fisherman and he was able to land many good size fish which added to the excitement of the story and filming. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marlene to anyone for her knowledge, professionalism and her genuine friendly nature which is encouraging and unfussed at all times.

Also thinking of usingthe services of a guide. An equally good idea.

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Cures, Health & Wellbeing. For similar reasons as with supressed science, there are important facts and simple treatments for many dis-eases that are kept from the mass population.

Barrie ‘s novel, first published in , illustrated by F. Barrie first used Peter Pan as a character in a section of The Little White Bird , an adult novel where he appears as a seven-day-old baby in the chapter entitled Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Following the success of the play, Barrie’s publishers, Hodder and Stoughton, extracted chapters 13—18 of The Little White Bird and republished them in under the title Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens , with the addition of illustrations by Arthur Rackham.

Barrie later adapted and expanded the play’s story line as a novel , published in as Peter and Wendy. Physical appearance[ edit ] Barrie never described Peter’s appearance in detail, even in his novel, leaving it to the imagination of the reader and the interpretation of anyone adapting the character. In the play, Peter’s outfit is made of autumn leaves and cobwebs.

Barrie mentions in Peter and Wendy that Peter Pan still had all his “first teeth”.

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Piupiu, once standard attire for both sexes, were made from dozens of strips of flax, each of which rolls up into a slender brown cylinder when dry. An ancient Polynesian belief, shared by Maori, holds that an artist is a conduit through which the gods create, and therefore the weaver and her work have a spiritual dimension. Aspiring weavers were initiated into Te Whare Pora, the house of weaving, where they assimilated not only the techniques of weaving but the mindset, discipline and lore of being a weaver.

The kaupapa rules decreed that important garments could be worked on only in daylight, and at the approach of strangers weaving should be rolled up and covered. There are around 60 varieties in this planting.

Kids Can reports a record number of children needing financial support to return to school. Who would have guessed that bringing up your children is expensive.

Single impacts on at least two sites, alternating between flat and kerbstone anvils. Single impacts on four sites per helmet. Test line traced by placing helmet on a reference headform, applying Helmet is marked at reference line on headform. Impacts can be anywhere above test line, separated by at least 25 per cent of maximum circumference of the helmet. Front, rear and one side must be impacted, final site at discretion of testing facility.

If there are mechanical fasteners in the test area at least one is to be impacted at least once. Two impacts required at 5. Impacts centered anywhere on or above the test line, with sites selected for most severe test in attempt to fail the helmet. Two sets of four samples required for each size and model offered. First set of ambient, hot.

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